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What people least expect, but often experience is home or car lockout. It’s a dreadful experience which might also entail safety hazards. If the keys of your property are stolen, don’t be surprised if someone uses them to get in. Such problems are extremely serious and demand the immediate assistance of Locksmith New Westminster. If you are locked out of any property in the city, give us a call. We are extensively equipped, mobile, and trained and offer 24 hour lockout service in New Westminster.Lockout Service New Westminster

As an emergency locksmith, we offer 24/7 lockout service

Whether you stand outside your home wondering where the key might be or outside the locked car wondering how you can gain access, call us. We have a mobile team of expert lock techs who arrive at any location in New Westminster in order to unlock your door or trunk, and fix the problem which has put you in this position in the first place. If you want reliable and fast service, count on us. We provide 24 hour lockout services and do professional work.

In order to open a new age car or reprogram its transponder key, there is need for special equipment. Rest assured that each one of our mobile techs is equipped to offer emergency locksmith service by using state of the art tools – the best in British Columbia. We have key cutting machines, computers, picking tools and a wide range of more locksmith tools in order to fix the lock or key which caused the lockout.

We don’t only rescue you when you are locked outside your car, but also offer home and office lockout service. Such problems occur when the key is misplaced, forgotten, lost, broken or stolen. They also happen when the lock is broken, jammed or damaged. Our locksmith will fix the problem as soon as he opens your door. You can count on our New Westminster lockout service 24/7 and on our quick response, especially if someone’s life is in danger. Is a child trapped inside the trunk or car? Is it left alone behind locked home doors? Call us. We provide car, home, office, and apartment lockout assistance urgently.